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Home-Is … because Home is where the Army sends us. Maybe it’s the Navy or RAF that sends you to your home! Maybe not…

The idea of Home-Is was born a long time ago just after my first baby was born. I didn’t have a job to go to – my husband’s posting to a new country put paid to that – and whilst twiddling my thumbs and watching interminably boring hours of daytime TV, I came up with the Home-Is house. 14 years later and growing from strength to strength, I’m lucky enough to have a workshop and lots of paintbrushes!

So, two more children (a houseful of girls!) and 7 quarters later, we’ve settled in rural Wiltshire and are just hoping that the Army is kind and posts the handyman (also known as the soldier!) to a barracks nearby. All good at the moment!

Home-Is has a fantastic following amongst some truly loyal customers – I consider all of you my friends. It’s fantastic to hear news of new babies joining families and I am amazed how brilliant you are at adding your babies to your Home-Is family houses as soon as they are born! I’ve made blocks for postings, operational tours, promotions, new houses, old houses, cats, dogs, goldfish and guineapigs! You name it, I’ve made a block for it!

We’re tweeting and FaceBooking and loving hearing your stories of adventures to places all over the world. We’ve seen amusing pet names, “interesting” children’s names and peculiar place names!

Keep ‘em coming! Love to you all

Annalisa x