SORRY ALL – working out a plan!
I’ve been working full time alongside Home-Is for 8 years and have just started a really grown-up job which leaves me little time for Home-Is (let alone the children.. the house is a mess… etc etc!) I found myself making too many mistakes when painting blocks at midnight so have had to take a look at the work-life balance and it turns out, there was NO balance!! 


I’m formulating a plan to work with a business partner who can take over the day to day running of Home-Is as I absolutely
will NOT let the Home-Is 
family down. 
Sit tight.
Watch this space.
And a million thank you’s for your ongoing support, kindness and patience
Annalisa xx


Home is where the story begins…

You may choose ‘Home is where the RAF / Army / Navy sends us’ but if that’s not your thing, how about “And they lived happily ever after”? it’s totally personal to each customer, you choose what your story says. Your house can be decorated with your family name… The Smiths, Team Wilson, The Peters Family. We paint special dates or a house name over the door too.

Below your hand-painted house there are little blocks.

Use them for special dates, special people, special memories. You can keep your record up to date forever by adding more blocks as life’s rich pattern continues! You can add details of when your children were born, when pets joined the family, Operational tours, special dates…whatever you like, meaning your house is totally personal to you. You can order a extra blocks online and all you need to do is hook it onto the blocks you already have… simple.

Georgian Houses

SOLD OUT – new stock in the New Year


A charming cottage, totally personalised helping you keep a record of your travels.


Order more blocks for your houses. May take about 6-8 weeks 

Sorry - no houses at present

  1. Choose Cottage shape (Georgian sold out) and customise it.
  2. Add all the blocks you want.
  3. Wait for delivery!